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Now many couples meet on the Internet. Chats, social networks, online games and forums - The World Network allows you to find friends and like-minded people in various parts of the world. For many guys, this is a great opportunity to get acquainted with a  date girls   in a total lack of time - not everyone has the opportunity, in addition to work and study, to lead an active lifestyle, go to the gym or pool, hang out in clubs or cafes.

It is impossible to say for sure whether Internet acquaintance will be successful, but according to sociologists, a third of married couples who have married in recent decades met through the Internet. Of these, about 45% found each other through specialized dating sites, another 21% through social networks, and 34% met through blogs and forums, online games and other resources. And such numbers look encouraging. But how to get to know a girl through the Internet in order to win the sympathy of her online interlocutor and establish a relationship?

There are not even dozens - hundreds of dating platform sites. Some of them are very popular, almost a couple of hundred people sit on others. More promising for successful acquaintances are just promoted sites - a lot of users hang out on them, and the female audience, respectively, is large. Keep in mind that girls who want to get acquainted on the Internet are always looking for information about their online acquaintances. 

A reasonable precaution, by the way. Therefore, do not spam your questionnaire on all possible and impossible dating sites - it is better to register only at one, at most several of the most popular venues. So you will increase your chances of a successful search for a girl, and you will not look in the eyes of those who are interested in you seriously, a frivolous hang.

If you are looking for a girl for easy communication and joint entertainment, do not start correspondence with vulgar jokes and, especially, intimate details.

You do not need to use poems for acquaintance - neither your own nor someone else's work. Having received such a message, the girl will absolutely decide that you send the same messages to all your interlocutors.